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TOP 10 Bankruptcy Attorneys In Miami 2024
Recognizing excellence, our firm stands among the top 10 bankruptcy attorneys in Miami for 2024, showcasing our commitment to unparalleled legal expertise and client satisfaction.
Miami- Dade FAVORITES 2023
Voted as favorites by the Miami-Dade community in 2023, our law firm has earned trust and acclaim, demonstrating a strong connection with clients and a reputation for outstanding legal services.
Lawyers of Distinction 2023
Acknowledged as Lawyers of Distinction in 2023, our firm exemplifies exceptional legal skill, professionalism, and a commitment to the highest standards of service, distinguishing us among our peers.
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Peraza Law, P.A. was founded with the main goal of providing affordable legal services to individuals and businesses located in South Florida. We offer a broad range of legal services that can vary from general civil litigation, personal injury, credit card lawsuit defense, foreclosure defense and consumer bankruptcy (Chapter 7 and Chapter13 bankruptcy). It does not matter what type of legal issue you or your business may be facing at Peraza Law, P.A. Some initial consultations and case evaluations are FREE. ​Our focus will be in providing individualized services to every client and case. This will include monthly status reports, and an open-door policy which means you will have direct access to our offices without making an appointment. If requested, we are also available to meet via videoconference. With broad experience in civil litigation, having represented large corporations in collection cases all over Florida and having worked in one of Florida’s largest consumer bankruptcy law firms, attorney Manuel A. Peraza, Esq. will handle your case zealously to ensure your rights are protected.

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